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Greetings from Tropicakokan!

The fresh breeze is waving to you right away from Kokan. Can you smell the fragrance of recently harvested fruits and vegetables?

The Western Ghats offer a rich region of Kokan. The beauty of the area is inherited by nature and nurtured by Kokanis. Being at the nurturing end, Tropicakokan Foods Pvt Ltd prospers the freshness of Kokan. Many of our products are seasonal. We are glad to make these products available for you in every season. Our endeavour is to avail you Kokan products, including seasonal, all over the year. Our products are easy to use, easy to store and require minimal wastage packaging. We believe to provide the freshness of fruits and vegetables in its every bite whenever you have it.

To ensure the freshness of quality, our products are handpicked. Our ethical work culture cultivates that quality. The members of this work culture are mostly from farming background and are bound to opt continuous training, innovative farming culture and efficient time management. We pick our produce at the peak of ripeness and convey carefully to our plant to make the different product in strict timeline ensuring highest hygiene standards. Adopting this procedure ensures locking in vital nutritional goodness and grand taste. We don’t use harmful preservatives and products are made with natural processes. In the whole process, we commit ourselves to conserve the water and energy.

With resourceful management, our artisans, from field to delivery, make it happen practically and economically. To make our product range accessible to everyone, our products are now available online. Our supply chain management team ensures our customers guaranteed quality, traceability and timely availability.


Preservatives give nasty effect on body health so we pursue our mission by providing preservative-free fruit and vegetables to make our consumers' lives little better. We offer innovative and nature-friendly easy to use packaging with very high hygiene standards for everyday consumption.


Our vision is to make available all popular and untamed but nutritious, delicious fruits which are seasonal in Western Ghats of Maharashtra particularly in Kokan region. We want our products delivered in the convenient, appetizing and healthier way in an affordable manner.

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